Identity of Teenagers

In the book Marji is growing up in a time of war. Soon enough she became a teenager and wanted to just be a teenager without having to be trapped and told what to do. Also, in the book all the things Marji wants such as posters, shoes and clothes that she can’t find where she lives. In order to get them her parents have to find them out of the country. How would you feel if you didn’t have access to items in your everyday life, like the clothes you like or the shoes on your feet?



In this picture it shows how you can get in so much trouble by just wearing a jacket or a pair of sneakers in Iran at this time. Although the rules on clothing are strict and people are not allowed to wear what Marji is wearing, that does not stop the desire of wanting to wear them. Teens just want to be teens and when you take away something as little as wearing a jacket it makes is hard to define who they are.

Here are some questions to explore:

How would you you feel is your new shoes got you in trouble?

Would you take the risk of expressing yourself is public or maybe even getting caught?

If a privilege  was taken away from you would you desire it even more?


After reading about Marji’s experience during the war, do you still take your everyday opportunities for granted?

Respond to the video.  How does is relate to Marji and what she is going through?


By: Isabella Viggiano and Susan Arredondo