An Old Start to a New End

Throughout the world, through the many centuries and eons of time that humans have roamed the earth, we have relished in all the world has to offer. However, along with these privileges, we have also been exposed to many trials. Over time we have come up with many solutions to these problems that we faced. But for those that we couldn’t solve, we came up with a less pleasing way to solve our tribulations, and that was through sacrifice. Bear in mind that with every sacrifice, comes a new beginning. The constant cycle of change is depicted many times throughout the story, Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi. The main character Marji is enveloped in a country tainted by war and is no stranger to sacrifice. She becomes more acquainted with the idea of sacrifice throughout the book especially when she is sent off to Austria to protect her from the countries restrictions.



Marji’s parents had to sacrifice being with their only daughter, so she could have her new beginning. Although it might not strike the heart looking at it from an outward viewpoint, it left a huge mark on Marji’s family. For her parents to have to see her go, it struck up such emotion that her mom fainted. A part of Marji’s heart was left in Tehran along with her family. It was the piece of her she had to leave behind in order to excel in other areas. She made a sacrifice, half of her soul for half of her brain, isolation in trade for safety, heart ache for a future. Throughout the book she encounters many sacrifices but this by far is the end game. Leaving her home country would also mean leaving the world of pain she was forced to endure, subduing all of her feelings to protect her parents from distressing over what they could never give to their daughter, such as something as simple as a war-free childhood. Her parents know that Marji is capable of so much, and she would never be able to accomplish anything living in a country with so many restrictions and preposterous rules.

Watch it or else.


In this video, the children are tempted to eat the marshmallow, they sacrifice their time, not eating the marshmallow right there when they get it, in turn for two marshmallows. This is much like Marjis circumstance, on a much broader expanse. She is leaving her homeland, where her heart is (her 1 marshmallow). This in turn for a full education, and a bright future- hopefully war free ( the 2 marshmallows).

Would you sacrifice your one marshmallow, for two?

Where do you draw the line when it comes to sacrificing, maybe everything you hold dear? 


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15 thoughts on “An Old Start to a New End

  1. tshapiro101 says:

    Sacrifice is a vague term. A sacrifice literally means giving something up for something better. In the book Marji gives up her family and her home for a better life. Marji didn’t choose this, her parent’s did because they knew it was what was best for her. Based on the circumstances her parent’s had two choices, selfishly they could keep her home or send her away to live a normal life. They made the right decision for her. Regarding the marshmallow video, and different ages people have different levels of maturity and understanding. Someone who is six has a harder time being patient and waiting for a marshmallow than someone who is 18. Marji herself wouldn’t have made the decision to leave her entire life behind so her parents stepped in and did what was right for her.


  2. ramosdanny says:

    I think that what her parents were doing, was a sacrifice. They choose to give her a better life, and sent her away without her choice. Although it was a hard decision for them to make, it was the better decision. Marji was still young, But living in Iran would not allow her to be a child anymore. She needed to start living a normal life like most kids, that is why she moved to the US. She mightve grown up alot faster living in iran, But that was not a good thing, She grew up because she needed to learn to live in iran. Not in the US, she can continue being a child like she is.

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    • alinton2 says:

      Even though it was a good choice overall, it was a hard one, can you honestly say In that situation you’d be able to do the same? I don’t think I would be able too, the uncertainty of my child’s well-being in a totally different country would eat me alive.


  3. krupascott says:

    I think that what Marji’s parents did was right, which was taking the second marshmallow. In turn it did give her a brighter future and for the most part war free. Even though she wanted to have the first marshmallow (to stay where her heart in Iran) event though that wouldn’t have been better in the long run. All in all her parents made the executive decision which even though she didn’t know it was right. Also if I was in that situation with the marshmallow I would have eaten the marshmallow and left.


  4. marinaluddy says:

    I think Marjane did the positive thing by “taking the second marshmallow”. Marjane makes the sacrifice of leaving her family behind in order to forge ahead with her own life. It’s sad, particularly because it means she barely gets to see her grandmother again. But if she hadn’t left, we might never have known her story. But if I were to be given the choice of keeping one marshmallow or exchanging it for two, I would not. For example, I have my close best friend, Brittany, and she has been my friend for forever. I have other friends too of course.. but I wouldn’t trade her for 2 or 3 or a million friends because she is more special than any of them. If your exchanging that one friend for more quantity of other friends then it’s totally not okay..


  5. iviggiano4 says:

    Sacrifice is giving something up for something twice as good, just like having one marshmallow was good, but having 2 was even better. I would sacrifice one marshmallow for two because it is the better option in my opinion. Marji was sacrificing her family to be war free and have a better life, but she was letting go of her past. Just like the kids with the marshmallows and how the ones who waited got another one just like Margi getting her education and better living but by waiting left a delicious marshmallow on the plate.


  6. nlam1 says:

    I think it’s okay to sacrifice something in return for something even better. I would sacrifice one marshmallow and get two back because two is better then one. When sacrificing something doesn’t mean that you will lose everything you have, you can gain something back thats even better then you expected. I think Marji’s parents did the right thing, sending her out of the country. If they didn’t she wouldn’t have a successful life. Even though her parents sacrifice their only child they knew it was the best and right thing to do for her.


  7. alinton2 says:

    Honestly speaking, I probably would have ate my one marshmallow. What some fail to realize is sacrifice requires a strong person willing to suffer now in turn for a reward later. Like Marji and her family suffer now by separating but in the future they will be rewarded with Marji’s bright future. Some just look at the good outcome of sacrifice and not its effects or how hard it actually is. Adoption for example, one of the hardest things for a parent to do which is give their child away, they know it’s for the best and the outcome will be good but some just can’t do it because it’s too hard, they choose the first marshmallows. Depending on the situation, I’m a first marshmallow kind of girl and I’d remember the taste of that first marshmallow forever


  8. lmartin7089 says:

    Using the marshmallow video was a great idea of showing what Marji is going through but in a way that can be more commonly understood. Marji is not only leaving her family for better education but for safety. Marji also leaves with the hope of seeing her parents again and they say they will move there shortly after her. This little bit of hope can have Marji leave more easily as show knows that her parents are right behind her. This situation not only affects Marji but her mother too and you can see in one of the panels in the book, Marji’s mother faints over the sight of sending her daughter away. This choice, although hard for Marji, I think would be harder on her parents as they know it is best for her but the know that they most likely will never see her again because of wars and border closures.


  9. kbailey58 says:

    I sacrifice has a lot of meanings it doesn’t mean just giving up one thing or something you hold dear but maybe your life, a home or something else that may not matter at all to you it all depends on how one views it. I personally wouldn’t want to give up anythinf no matter the situation. I draw the line of sacrifice when i feel i’ve lost or given up too much and someone thinks i haven’t, it is annoying and doesn’t help anyone when it comes down to dealing with stiuations. In the video these little kids have no true idea of sacrifice they just know waiting for soemthing means more of the same thing while for adults or teenagers we get the full concept and we. Know that waitinf for something may cause moee trouble rather than waiting on an event to happen.


  10. walkerethan says:

    I think it was right for Marji’s parents to let her move away. They made a huge sacrifice, but it would pay off in the end. They gave their daughter a better life. The line of sacrifice gets drawn when you hold everything dear to you at stake. It’s not worth it at that point. The marshmallow video was a good connection to the book and what happened. Personally, I would have waited to get two marshmallows. I think it’s better to sacrifice a little, and get more than what i was you were sacrificing.


  11. emilywharmby says:

    I think that sacrifice is more than just giving up one thing for another, sacrificing certain elements can completely alter your lifestyle. For example, in Remember the Titans, the players and coaches sacrifice their safety and popularity in order to form an integrated football team. In doing this, they didn’t just gain the ability to play football, they changed the world. Their team paved the way for integration in other schools, so in a way, the factors that thy gained for their sacrifice went far beyond what any of the teammates could have imagined when they took the risk. In Persepolis, we don’t get to see the outcome of Marji’s sacrifice, but for all we know she could have changed the world, and gone on to do things she never would have accomplished living through a war. Sacrifices are also more than just giving something. In the beginning of the year when we were discussing the alchemist, we all seemed to agree that each choice we have made has led us to this very moment. You can’t help but think “If I had never done this, would I be here right now?” Each sacrifice you make, defines your entire life.


  12. lcaballerogabriella says:

    To what Marji’s parents did was something very brave to do. Most people wouldn’t risk giving up everything they had in their old home to go somewhere new. Especially during a time of war… That’s brave I wouldn’t have been able to do something like that but if it was for the better than I guess I have no choice. Being away from my family is something I would hate to do, even if I knew I would go somewhere safe and where I could make a living. Leaving my family in that time wouldn’t be my number 1 choice but, what has to be done may be heartbreaking, especially to Marji’s parents who had to see her leave


  13. acohen01 says:

    I think what Maraji’s parents did for her was very brave and one of the biggest sacrifices that parents should make. This reminds me of the dark knight, when batman had to give up the women he loved in order to save his city. This was a big personal sacrifice made by batman. In both instances, The characters know what they are sacrificing, but they both know that it is for the greater good. Even though sacrificing marshmallows can’t lead to a greater good, it is still considered a sacrifice by small children. The point is that even the little sacrifices could have a effect on anybody.


  14. susanarredondo14 says:

    I personally wouldn’t know what to do , either sacrifice my “one marshmallow” for two marshmallows or not sacrifice my marshmallow at all. I understand that education is very important , but how can you live in peace knowing that the ones that you care about the most are not. Sometimes not sacrificing things for the best doesn’t always turn out that bad. In Marji’s situation I would definently not leave my parents behind. I would totally desire to live in a war-free zone, but if it keeps me away from my family then it’s not the place for me. The only way I would move is if my family comes along with me . If that can’t happen then it’s a very small percentage of me even considering the thought of moving away. The fact that I’m very attached to my family would affect me very highly if I were ever separated from them. Marji was very brave to move away from her parents . I admire the fact that even though she’s still very young she’s a very strong and willing human being .


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