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An Old Start to a New End

Throughout the world, through the many centuries and eons of time that humans have roamed the earth, we have relished in all the world has to offer. However, along with these privileges, we have also been exposed to many trials. Over time we have come up with many solutions to these problems that we faced. But for those that we couldn’t solve, we came up with a less pleasing way to solve our tribulations, and that was through sacrifice. Bear in mind that with every sacrifice, comes a new beginning. The constant cycle of change is depicted many times throughout the story, Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi. The main character Marji is enveloped in a country tainted by war and is no stranger to sacrifice. She becomes more acquainted with the idea of sacrifice throughout the book especially when she is sent off to Austria to protect her from the countries restrictions.



Marji’s parents had to sacrifice being with their only daughter, so she could have her new beginning. Although it might not strike the heart looking at it from an outward viewpoint, it left a huge mark on Marji’s family. For her parents to have to see her go, it struck up such emotion that her mom fainted. A part of Marji’s heart was left in Tehran along with her family. It was the piece of her she had to leave behind in order to excel in other areas. She made a sacrifice, half of her soul for half of her brain, isolation in trade for safety, heart ache for a future. Throughout the book she encounters many sacrifices but this by far is the end game. Leaving her home country would also mean leaving the world of pain she was forced to endure, subduing all of her feelings to protect her parents from distressing over what they could never give to their daughter, such as something as simple as a war-free childhood. Her parents know that Marji is capable of so much, and she would never be able to accomplish anything living in a country with so many restrictions and preposterous rules.

Watch it or else.


In this video, the children are tempted to eat the marshmallow, they sacrifice their time, not eating the marshmallow right there when they get it, in turn for two marshmallows. This is much like Marjis circumstance, on a much broader expanse. She is leaving her homeland, where her heart is (her 1 marshmallow). This in turn for a full education, and a bright future- hopefully war free ( the 2 marshmallows).

Would you sacrifice your one marshmallow, for two?

Where do you draw the line when it comes to sacrificing, maybe everything you hold dear? 


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