Fight for Justice

How would you feel if you were separated from your family and wouldn’t be able to see them any time soon? How would it feel if you or a loved one were sick and they still would not let you cross the border to another country to see them?



Here Marji’s uncle and her father are having a discussion over how Iran is not letting anyone cross the boarders. Marji’s uncle was distressed by the fact that he can not go to see his son anymore. This is an example of injustice because families should be able to stick together through times of war. Closing the borders is not just having an effect on her family, but it is also causing pain for her uncle and many other people out there. Imagine you were in this position of being desperate to see a loved one; how would you deal with this? Do you think this is fair? 

Read the following article:

This article relates to the fact that the country isn’t letting anyone go in or out of the borders and sending them back to their original country without a choice. This keeps families apart and causes distress all over. It is not right for a human to be “illegal” just because they weren’t born in that country. This should not be used against someone.This relates to Marji’s uncle and how he is not allowed to cross the borders to Hollandto see his son. The same thing goes for the son and how he can’t come into the Iran because of the war. A couple of days after, Marji’s uncle got sick and was in desperate need for a passport.




In these panels Marji’s uncle was very ill and he has to cross the borders to get the medication and surgery he needed to get better. When his wife went to ask if they could have permission to get a passport to cross the border, they said  that he could have a passport if “God willed it”. Marji’s family had an idea: make a fake passport. It took a  while for the real passport to come, but by the time it did, Marji’s Uncle had died the day before. What would you have done if you were in the place of Marji’s Uncle Taher? If you were able to change the ways of the government, what would you do?

Posted by: Ana, Kenya, Leslie and Nicole


25 thoughts on “Fight for Justice

  1. marinaluddy says:

    If I were to be separated from my family at any point in time, I would be devastated. In Persepolis, the government sends people who weren’t born in the country, back to their original places. To live in that type of government would cause a lot of distress. If I were able to change the ways of the government, I would make a government that works for the benefit of society and well-being for all people by providing them with what they need. Instead of using just power and money, I would use the qualities in a positive way and help towards peace and mutual guarantee. No one should be separated from their families, it’s not fair and it’s not their fault they weren’t born in the country. Everyone should have rights to be where they want to be. I couldn’t imagine having that be taken away from me. I’m just lucky I live in America and I am not told to go back to Ukraine.


    • nlam1 says:

      I agree when you say you would be devasted if you were seperated from your family, I would be too and no one should ever be seperated from their families. I do have many of my family members here but several are out of the country and it is hard to move here. Some of my family members are wanting to come to America but its taking so long, even years for them to be certified to come here. It should be easier for families to be together and families shouldn’t be seperated in this country or any country.


  2. areyes6290 says:

    Throughout the book, Persepolis, the character Marji faces many trials that children here in the US often wouldn’t think twice about. Her uncle also had to endure those same conflicts, on a much harsher level. To the point where it even led up to his death. As a kid, you often don’t hold much influence over the decisions made around you whether it be on your siblings, parents or even society as a whole. That was one thing that was of difficulty for Marji, there was a war going on around her that she didn’t start, and didn’t have enough influence to finish. Her life was swayed as the conflicts changed direction. Unfortunately, her uncles life was swayed too far and he died because of it. The war killed him, gave him anxiety and took him away from Marjis family, just as quite similarly his son was taken away from him when he fleed. I often take for granted the presence of my family in my life, and should learn to appreciate the absence of any major influences swaying life in the wrong direction. The privalage that Marji and her family were not given quite so easily.


    • lcaballerogabriella says:

      I agree. Maybe it wasn’t fair for marji’s uncle not to go across the border to see his own son just because of the war. It would’ve distressed me as well. And i personally do go through it. Most of my family is my parents home country; Peru. Right now there is a lot going on in Peru that worries me sick, and my parents are too scared to even step foot in Peru for the safety of me and my brother. But also for the safety off their own relatives. They hear that “oh Mr.Caballero (my grandfather) had his son from America come and pay him a visit.. maybe they left some money behind.” it gets to the point where it places my whole family in danger. Which sucks because I miss my family, just like Marji’s uncle misses his son. And we both can’t cross the borders for dangerous reasons.


  3. tshapiro101 says:

    It is extremely common all over the world for families to be separated by borders. Political boundaries drawn by the government are not specifically created for the benefit of each person there, it is drawn looking at the picture. This kind of separation is not optional. This is happening all over the continent of Africa because political borders cut through many tribes separating it’s members. Optional separation is when certain members of the family leave and go to find a better life. Often times they send money back to their family in their home country. In developing countries the health care is poor leading to more sickness and premature death. Family members hearing news of their sick relatives far away is hard because they can’t do anything to help them. They feel powerless. Being Jewish, I was always told that Israel was my homeland and I never understood this until I actually went there a little more than a year ago. The summer after I came back there was a war and thousands of missiles were fired into Israel. My friends and relatives there lived a summer of fear that unfortunately they were too used too. The sirens and the bomb shelters were no big deal. Mean while, at home in America I would watch CNN with my family praying for the rockets not too strike a civilian area.


    • lmartin7089 says:

      I agree with what you are saying about the people that live in areas of violence. It is upsetting to know that there are people out there that are so used to things like bombs and gun fire. We are fortunate to live an a country that makes sure that nothing like that would ever happen to us.


  4. iviggiano4 says:

    If i was separated from my family i would onto be able to function because they mean so much to me and my daily life would not be the same without them. Same thing with a sick loved one i would feel trapped because they are struggling and i have no control and can’t help. I think the closing of the boarders is not fair because in a time of war thats when you want your family the most to spend time with them and sometimes if its that bad to say goodbye.


  5. alinton2 says:

    Especially when your close to your family like Marji was I can only imagine how hard it would be to be separated from your family. I couldn’t help but think back to slavery times though when so many African children were torn away from their families without hesitation. That has to be hard to know that you’d never be able to see them again and not know if they are safe or not. In some ways Marji’s situation is smiliar, she is seperated from her family and probably wonders everyday if she will ever see them again. I wonder how she goes about her day to day life with her family in the back of her head and the experiences she’s been forced to go through as a child.


  6. caddison1 says:

    I don’t know how I would react if I was seporated from my family so so long. It is hard knowing you won’t see your family for a long time or for the rest of your life and for someone so young like Marji it must of been even harder because she is only 10.


    • kdarcyoliveira says:

      I get that it’s really hard to imagine things you haven’t been through your self. But sometimes you can put your self in people’s shoes, when I imagine being in Marjis position I know feel really terrified. I could never handle most of the things Marji is going through right now, including the separation of her family. I couldn’t handle the obstacles she’s facing, not at this level and I’m 15 and like you said she’s only 10.


  7. acohen01 says:

    In Persepolis, Maraji can’t leave the country because the government doesn’t allow it. This is very bad for Maraji, who always wants to go to other places. I, like Maraji, love to travel. If that freedom was taken away, I would be extremely sad. However, I would understand if it there was an epidemic going on or the U.S. was at war. I believe that people should be able to go wherever they want. If could be even worse if you have sick family outside the country and you weren’t allowed to visit them. It would be devastating. I am very lucky I have the freedom to travel and that I live in America.


    • rgranillo1 says:

      I agree with when you say that if freedom was taken away from you’d be sad because i’d feel the same way. But i would have to disagree when you say “However, i would understand if there was an epidemic going on or the U.S was at war.” I think that there is no circumstances for your freedom to be taken away. If i wanted to leave my country to see a loved if they were sick I should be allowed regardless of whats going on in my country. I feel that taking our freedom is a way of the government punishing us for something they started.


  8. ramosdanny says:

    Just like in the book, i would hate to be separated from my family! Marjis uncle was separated from his son, and felt devastated the whole time. If i were no longer with my family, I dont think i could ever be the same. family is a big impact on peoples lives, and without them i dont think i could be the same.


    • krupascott says:

      I 100% agree that “would hate to be separated from my family”. I also agree how large of an impact having a family to be around, and their for your and just not.


  9. susanarredondo14 says:

    I can’t picture my life separated from the ones I love. If one of my family members were sick and separated from me, I would want to see them as soon as possible. I wouldn’t know what to do if I were forced not to cross the border to see them. When Marji’s uncle wasn’t able to cross the border to go see his son, it made me think and appreciate that I have my loved ones near me. If I were in the place of Marji’s uncle Taher, not only would I get the passport from one person, but I would buy it from several other people. It would be very difficult to try to change the government just because Marji’s uncle wasn’t able to get his passport on time. Trying to stand up for what’s right during this time of war could lead for more future problems and would make it more dangerous for the people.


    • krupascott says:

      I didn’t think about how trying to stand up for what is right could lead to more future problems and in turn make it more dangerous but that was smart. If the government see’s people rebelling, they would most likely try their best to stop it.


  10. acohen01 says:

    I believe that family’s should not be separated because of living in a different country. In Persepolis, Maraji’s uncle has to go to a different country to get medicine. I am very fortunate to live in a country where I can get the medicine that I need to prevent me from disease. Separation from family can also cause emotional effects. This can cause effects such as worrying for other family members. I think people should fight for this right.


  11. anasantiz says:

    I agree with Susan because I couldn’t stand being away from my family and friends. Seeing how difficult and horrible situations for other people made me realize how lucky I am and made me appreciate everyone I have in my life. Some people don’t have their family to comfort them in hard times. I will always have my family by my side. In some circumstances, they have no choice but to send their children away to be safe and have a better life, I have never had to go through something like that. I don’t think it is right for people to be separated from their family because of the problems that other people caused.


  12. krupascott says:

    This is extremely sad and her Uncle should have been more sad. Answering your question about what I would do if I was in his place. There wasn’t that much to do that was in my control. It isn’t like he can change immigration laws within Iran. Also being away from my family is fun for a day or two but for an extended period of time is horrible, I honestly don’t know how I would get by without anyone in my close family. Also if anything happened to me that I would need family there for moral support and stuff. Not having them would be severely be worse than having them.


  13. kdarcyoliveira says:

    I strongly agree that closing the border for medical purposes is completely unreasonable. Marji had to basically watch her uncle die, and she couldn’t do anything about it. If a loved one was sick I would want to do anything to help. Not being able to do anything would make me feel trapped and kind of angry. Angry because I knew I could help, and couldn’t do anything about it because of a stupid rule. Also being separated from family is incredibly difficult. I was separated from my dad for 8 years. My family means everything to me, I wouldn’t be able to live without them. I can’t begin to imagine how people permanently separated from their family feel. I am so thankful I am now able to live with my father and I understand I’m extremely lucky to have my family back together.


    • emilywharmby says:

      I agree that in is unjust to keep families apart and I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to live without your father, but closing the borders may have been to keep them majority of the public in a safer state. Once the borders are closed, nobody is allowed in or out for any reason or else everybody would say that there is a medical emergency in their family. In these situations you have to look at the big picture and ask yourself, is it more important to close the borders to keep unwanted danger out, or is it better to keep the borders open so that people who just want to visit family, and people who want to set terrorist attacks in the country can get in.


      • kdarcyoliveira says:

        That’s a good point but the borders wouldn’t be completely opened. They couldn’t just opened the borders for people with medical issues to go and get the help they need, they don’t need to let people in therefore keeping the danger out but still helping those with the medical issue. This would keep so many people from dying, and still keep the danger out.


  14. lmartin7089 says:

    I personally know the feeling of being separated from family in other countries. Almost all my relatives live in Ireland. Every year I go with my family to visit them over the summer. the memories made there are some of my fondest memories. If I was like Marji’s uncle and could never see my family outside the country it would be tragic and upsetting and i done know how I would cope with the idea of never seeing them.


  15. emilywharmby says:

    In an earlier post, we spoke of how war is accompanied by sacrifice. In this case the sacrifice that had to be made was closing the borders. In my opinion, closing the borders is a better option for the soldiers in a any war because there is less of a chance of somebody from the opposing side entering your territory with the intent to cause harm. This is similar to the way law enforcement officers set up barriers around Central High School. These were to keep the people fighting to maintain segregation out. By closing the borders of the school, Melba could not leave, but people with the intent of harming her can not get in. One has to way the odds and decide if they would rather risk fighting a war, figuratively of literally, or if they would rather avoid the conflict all together and allow the injustice to continue.


  16. rgranillo1 says:

    If I were to be separated from my family i would be unable to live my life happy. Marji’s uncle had to face a trial that i couldn’t face by not being able to see his son because of the war. If a loved one were sick and i couldn’t see them i don’t know what i would’ve done. I know if i faced these two problems i would be angry because of how i was stripped of freedom and the right to being able to see my loved one because of something i didnt start or cause.


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