Freedom is Taken for Granted

We are lucky enough to live in a country without war. In the book Persepolis, Marji has to live in the battlefront. She lives in Iran during war and protest. Examine these images and think about the purpose of war.



What is your opinion on war, and do you think it is right or moral?  If it such a negative event, why have there always been wars? In the book, the people of Iran are forced to support their leader, even if they don’t want to. Men and women have to change their lifestyles and become fundamentalist Muslims. They are forced to pray and wear traditional, sometimes uncomfortable garb.  During wars and periods of unrest in a country, the lives of the citizens can be completely transformed.


Looking at these panels on page 83, you can tell that Marji and her family are overwhelmed with hearing their old national anthem. This anthem was played when they had freedom. It was replaced with the Islamic Hymn. After reading the book, do you still take your freedom for granted?

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19 thoughts on “Freedom is Taken for Granted

  1. marinaluddy says:

    War is acceptable is cases where something should be fought for such as freedom, or slavery. But not everyone truely wants war. To have war going on in your country or anywhere near you is horrifying. Some people might disagree and look at it as it could fix the problem they are trying to fix. Like in Persepolis, they fight for freedom and freedom of religion. I’m lucky to be in a country where I have that freedom where countries are still fighting for… Why spend time complaining, when we are at least still alive and have the greatest advantages.


  2. tshapiro101 says:

    It doesn’t matter whether war is acceptable or not. As long as humans are around, and there is anything to argue about, the fact is that wars are inevitable. Being in America, the idea of living in the middle of a war is so unheard of. Marji and her family have to change their lifestyle a little bit because of the war. During WW2, so did the entire world, including the US. I don’t necessarily agree with the destruction that war entails, but resolving conflicts is important. I never take my freedom for granted, not for one second because I have learned and seen countries and places where freedom is scarce.


  3. anasantiz says:

    I agree with Marina when she said that war may be acceptable in some circumstances, people fight for what they believe in. But I think that sometimes violence is not the answer. Sometimes people don’t even have the choice whether to go to war or not, war is sometimes started because of greed. Some people don’t have the capability of thinking things through or thinking about how other people would suffer for their poor choices, which leads to war, I don’t really think that people should die trying to get something that is their human right.


  4. lcaballerogabriella says:

    Having freedom is a very strong privilege in this country. As for taking it for granted is something I personally don’t do. Because obviously there are still rules and laws we have to follow. As for if we don’t take them seriously than there are going to be consequences. Soldiers fought long and hard for us to get to where we are today, and we gained it by never giving up when we were at war against the British. In my honest opinion war is right if It’s fought for freedom or for any reason that could make living in that country better. Maybe it’s not something everyone wants to witness. Like in the book; Marji’s friends leave Iran because people in her country were at war. So they left for the U.S. and soon later on near the ending, Marji also leaves because everything was going so hard for her family.


  5. nlam1 says:

    I don’t take freedom for granted because you never know when or if that will be taken away from you. I wouldn’t want to live in country during war or think about it. But in some countries where there’s war, people are just hoping that they will survive the day. It is also not peoples choice if their leader and country wants to go to war. It is almost unfair. In the book, Marji and her family had to deal with the changes in their country due to the war. Even the national anthem changed.


    • susanarredondo14 says:

      I agree with nicole, my freedom means a lot to me. You never know , one day you can get so many of your opportunities taken away from you. I couldn’t picture myself living in a country when there’s a war going on a daily basis. I can’t even imagine what the poor people have to go through day to day. It’s horrible having to wake up everyday being grateful that you able to live another day.


  6. iviggiano4 says:

    war is necessary sometimes in scads where something news to be settled, i don’t take my freedom for granted because you never know when it could so taken away. Just like Marji grew up and her childhood was filled with war, that will never leave her. The changes were very overwhelming and too much for a child to handle. Personally if i grew up in a childhood full of war that would live with me forever and i would be so scared all the time.


  7. lmartin7089 says:

    If you think back to any of your history classes there is never a time period without war or some sort of battle. These wars are caused by one group doing something that the other group disagrees with. These conflicts can sometimes be unavoidable. I agree with Talia when she said that, in the US, living on the battle front is unheard of. This is because of all the precautions our government has put in place to keep our president from going corrupt. If a president in the United States goes corrupt, the judicial and congressional branches of the government will quickly impeach them. Because of all these precautions there will be little to no chance of us living in a corrupt society like Marji.


  8. acohen01 says:

    War is very difficult to be in the middle of, especially when you don’t want any of it. War. The pictures you described with the tank really emphasizes how hard war is. It is lucky that we live in a country that protects us and allows its citizens not to get involved in wars if we don’t have to.


  9. kbailey58 says:

    War is a touchy subject because those who may believe in love, and peace and those who are errratic and take action before they think of any consequences. I believe war should be fought for only in real situations where it’s needed like Marina said. The pictures shown above provoke feelings of anxiety, fear, and a lot of compassion for those whopse their lives during wars. Marji and her parents faces in the panel show how overwhelmed they were in such a hard cruel time period of their lives. If i were to be 10 years old or younger and not understand what was happening i would be scared too, because nobody should have to witness that.


    • emilywharmby says:

      I agree that war should only be fought where it is necessary, but don’t you think that seeking freedom over a dictator who uses his power to aid himself is a viable cause of war. I feel that sometimes it is worth the anxiety, fear, and sacrifice to reach a greater goal. In this case they chose to begin the war in order to free themselves from the hand of the Shah when they began demonstrations in the streets. The people were the side that began the fighting because they felt that it was a worthy enough cause.


  10. susanarredondo14 says:

    I believe that war isn’t appropriate. I think it’s wrong . For example in the book Persepolis there was a war going on almost all throughout the book. This is very traumatizing for kids like Marji’s age. No matter what war is going to continue. As long as there are differences between other countries there won’t be a stop to war. War is not the right thing to solve a problem but it’s used to prove that there territory is protected and “superior”. After reading the book Persepolis I come to realize that I am lucky to have been born in a country of freedom. I think to myself how there are millions of people that wouldn’t die to have the freedom I am given to now. This is why I come to conclusion that I don’t take my freedom for granted.


  11. In my opinion, f there was no war, there would be no justice. People deserve to have their voices heard, and if there comes a time that they no longer have this right, it seems proper to stand up to the people who have taken it from them. From this perspective, some wars are necessary, but what is not necessary is other countries getting involved in wars for their own personal benefit, like in Persepolis, how the Americans get involved to insure that someone who will give them rights to the oil is in power. We do take our freedom for granted, but we are able to do so because we fought centuries ago. Some countries that are currently involved in wars are doing just the same and I think they have a right to do so.


  12. caddison1 says:

    War can be necessary is some aspects of life. Sometimes you need to fight for what you believe in or fight for a cause. It could help you stand up for what you believe in. In life war can be a very devistating action that can harm many but it can also help and fight for what you believe in. War can change peoples life for the better or worse. You just need to believe in something in stand up for it.


  13. kdarcyoliveira says:

    I think that war is always going to be something negative. But sometimes depending on the cause it’s the only way to execute change. When things need to change and all else fails, then war is the only answer. I’m not saying it’s exactly moral because it’s not. But sometimes it’s needed in order to make a significant change for the better.


  14. areyes6290 says:

    War is a struggle that people all over the world have to deal with daily. They are forced to hide, abide by new rules, and sometimes make harsh choices between life and death. In Persepolis though she gives a new meaning to war, she and the rest of the tyranians fight for what they believe in and make efforts to grasp what their major problems are and where they lie. Much like how in the world harsh environments cause people to make harsh decisions, in the book many people show their true colors and that is what trust shapes the outcome of battle, betrayal and trust are the key components. Sometimes the purpose of war is on a more spiritual level a test of loyalties. But however war is always very negative because it ends in such devastating loss and sacrifice.


  15. rgranillo1 says:

    I think war isn’t right but it continues because of peoples beliefs of whats right and wrong. To go to war you truly have to believe in something that’s why to us we see it as negative but the people fighting the war they believe that they are doing something necessary for themselves and others. In Persepolis they fought for freedom, they fought because on one side they believed that they truly deserved the right to freedom while the other side thinks that it’s best for everyone to listen, and become what they want you to become.


  16. alinton2 says:

    I think war is wrong and there is no need for it. Why waste countless lives over little things. Martin Luther King Jr. Always spoke of non-violence and we should carry out his ideas. In many ways we do take our freedom for granted yes, but are we really free? Personally I believe not. Recently in social studies we touched on this subject And it was said, “We are told that we are free, but we can’t say certain things, can’t live certain ways, can’t feel certain feelings. Truly we are brainwashed not free.” I believe this to be true. Honestly yes in some ways we are more fortunate than other countries when it comes to freedom like Iran for example, but we are not truly free as we should be and until we realize this, we will never be truly free.


    • rgranillo1 says:

      I also think we aren’t free but are more fortunate than other countries. I think the reason why we would never be truly free is because of the chaos it would bring. I also agree with you about war being wrong but I also think that there are certain circumstances for countries to initiate war. “Why waste countless lives over little things” I think this happens because the countries don’t see it as little things themselves but think of it as an important thing.


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