Warning: Influences Ahead!

Our world today is full of many powerful influences. Just think about your daily activities. When you wake up, do you check your phone or watch TV? Do you listen to the radio on the way to school? Do you follow all the new trends? Do you listen to your friend’s and parent’s advice? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you’ve been influenced by the world around you at some point in your life. Click on the link below to take a survey: This is obligatory 🙂 


The world’s biggest influence, whether it directly affects you or not, is the government’s influence. Think about it. You are lucky; you live in a democratic country where people can vote and speak their mind without living in fear of persecution. The possibilities of what you can do here are endless, to an extent. 🙂  But if you were to live in Iran during the Iranian Revolution, like Marji and her family, the government would limit you in more ways than one. If you have ever watched TV during the months before elections you know that much of the commercials are either for or against a certain candidate. Even though we aren’t of voting age yet, imagine that you are. The video below is an ad against Governor Malloy. Watch it and reflect on how it changes your opinion about him.

Another video explains how political ads actually work by making the candidates seem relatable. It appeals to human senses and draws you into watching the commercial.

Now reflect back to the book. If we were living in Iran like Marji we would never have the option to vote or have a say in the way the country is run. How does this change the way that people feel towards their country and government? How does this lack of a voice lead to rebellion?

Our names are Talia and Lisa and we approve this message!


17 thoughts on “Warning: Influences Ahead!

  1. ramosdanny says:

    After reading this article I noticed how ads can change my view on people. Ive never really been a fan of politics, but seeing this negative ad towards Dan Malloy, I wouldn’t vote for him. In the book “Persepolis”, the teachers were forced to say good things about their shaw, and most of the young kids were influenced by it. I think when younger kids hear people speaking about topics like this, they go with whatever they hear.


  2. lcaballerogabriella says:

    If I personally lived in a society where the government controlled everything I was supposed to do; than I would leave. Like the people in “Persepolis”, the friends of Marji left because everything was going out of control and they felt like they needed to find a better way to live. That’s what I would’ve done because everyone should have an option or should be allowed to make a choice what they want to do. As for the ads, if I saw the negative ad about Malloy, than I wouldn’t have voted for him. I found it interesting that ads have that effect on a person.


  3. areyes6290 says:

    This article about propaganda, and sabotage showed me how much I let other’s opinions influence my own decisions. The video’s negative “evidence” was so strongly directed towards Malloy that it made me oppose the thought of a vote in his favor. This depicted just how much society and the media holds such a firm grip over our lives. Especially in the book Persepolis in which the main character, is so strongly influenced by what she hears and by what others tell her, that she starts to believe it herself.


  4. nlam1 says:

    The world and people around you can definitely influence you and change the way you think. After I saw the ad about Malloy, I wouldn’t want to vote for him. After hearing the negatives things said about him I wouldn’t want someone bad running the government. What you hear about something, can change your mind about it. In “Persepolis”, the children had to wear the veil when their teacher told them to. They didn’t know why, but they had no choice. Also, in schools the students were seperated and Marji was seperated from her friends. She couldn’t control what was happening, she didn’t have a choice. I think you should have a choice and thats why here we could vote, but in Iran you can’t. The leadership of someone can affect the way you live your life.


  5. acohen01 says:

    The political ad with Dan Malloy, and others, are good because they are based on facts. Now, it may seem naive, but Malloy has done some bad things, according to this article.


    According to the article, Malloy wants to cut grants from scholarships. This is bad for the lower classes who may not be able to afford collages. Anyways, government influence can depend on what you listen to and if you care what these ads say. Most teens do not really listen to these ads. You never see a teen saying “wait, since Dan Malloy is cutting from scholarship funds, then I am not going to vote for him”. However, I do think it is really important to listen to the pros and cons of these candidates and future ones.


  6. iviggiano4 says:

    when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is check my phone I need to be updated on what happened while I was sleeping. I am influenced by my surroundings everyday. If I were to live in Iran i was be terrified, I wouldn’t have a say in anything not only because I’m under age but because the government is so corrupt. The lack of voice leads to rebellion because when people can’t say what they feel they need to protest to have their voice heard.


  7. anasantiz says:

    We are very lucky to have the option on voting whereas, in other countries you can’t choose who your leader will be. These propaganda adds really effect our perspective on situations. Some ads can tell us the good things about people to put us on their sides. And at the same time other ads talk about the negative sides to a person, putting us against them. You will never see both sides together, you’re either for or against that person. Since people still have to choose who they want to be the leader, it gives them a voice. When people have a voice, they can appoint the leader, even though some still don’t agree, but when people don’t have a voice at all it has a larger chance of causing a rebellion. This is because almost nobody agrees with who is in power, that leader will only look out for himself not the country. People don’t like that.


  8. In the United States we are lucky to have as many rights as we do, such as the right to vote. To have a say in who will acquire a certain position is a decision that marks a sort of freedom. However, with so many ads for and against politicians, it is easy to have your thoughts swayed one way or another. Because the media is so influential, it seems as though many young voters in particular are likely to have their votes effected by such convincing and thought-provoking campaigns. Even though voting is a personal decision that is supposed to be your beliefs only, outside influences seem to have worked in favor of the government anyway, At the end of the video on Dan Malloy, it states that the ad was payed for by the republican party and not any one candidate in particular. Although ads like this are based on facts, the truth is often stretched to benefit another outside organization or candidate


  9. kdeiana says:

    The government definitely influences our lives, but I think it is something most people don’t even realize is happening. In Persepolis, Marji is confused when they must tear out all the pictures of the Shah in their textbooks after he is overthrown, as depicted on page 44. This was the same teacher who had just said that the Shah was “chosen by God” in previous lessons. In this example, the government has a direct influence on education. The teacher is instructed what to teach and the students are forced to learn conflicting messages. Even though our experiences in the U.S. are different than Marji’s, the government and those with “power” still dictate what we teach and learn in schools. Think about all of those reading assessments you all hate taking! Those are a result of the implementation of Common Core Standards that the government wants students to meet.

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  10. kbailey58 says:

    After reading the article I realized how the poeple around me and ads i see do influence me more then i thought they did. If i was in a country where i wasn’t allowed to vote or have any decision in what happens i would want to leave we are in a country that has that ability which is a privilege because at any point they can take that away but we are lucky enough to have that freedom unlike when Marji was her age.


  11. kdarcyoliveira says:

    After reading this article I realized how lucky we are to live in a country where we are free to do most things. In this country most people don’t even vote, taking that freedom for granted. People don’t actually realize how much the government effect our lives. In Persopolis the people were forced to deal with the government issues. There were revolts and violence that people could not ignore. If I was in a country like the one in Persopolis, I would not want to stay and I would help fight for the rights and the things the people believed in. Now in our country people take having freedom for granted everyday, we have no idea what it’s like to like without it to have restrictions in almost everything.

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  12. susanarredondo14 says:

    When I wake up in the morning I do check my phone, I listen to the radio and get influenced by my my friends parents advice. I am influenced by the world around me and at some point it’s changed my life. Government has influenced my life in many ways too. I am able to give my opinion of what goes on in our country(U.S) without being frightened I might get persecuted or hurt in any sort of way. This relates to Marji in the book “Persepolis” because during the Iranian Revolution they weren’t able to express there opinion of what should be done in government.


  13. marinaluddy says:

    Every day I am influenced by positive things and negative as well.. But little did I know, the negatives aren’t so easily pointed out. You don’t really know what a person is intentionally doing until you dig deeper into their character. People could be lying and doing bad things without you even realizing. But imagine having a government that makes you blinded by them as well. But what most people see is the horrible things the person could do. For example, in Persepolis, their government in Iran is run by people that are terrible.. No one wants to wear the scarfs on their head or switch schools. I am lucky to be in a place where I have a right to vote for that person to be in charge and to be in Iran must be really difficult.


  14. rgranillo1 says:

    If i lived in a place that wasn’t democratic and I had no voice then i wouldn’t enjoy it. I also believe that the ads change the way you view something even though you don’t know about it. The Malloy ad changed the view i had toward him negatively and would make me not want to vote for him.


  15. walkerethan says:

    After reading this post i realized that the government tries to influence us more than i thought. In the video regarding Dan Malloy, there were so many negative things towards him that if i was able to vote, i wouldn’t vote for him. That ad influenced me so much in that way.


  16. krupascott says:

    I haven’t really thought about how ads can change the perception of the consumer. In the Dan Mallow commercial it made him look really bad. So after watching this and not knowing anything about him before that I wouldn’t vote for him. This is similar in the the book of how they are told all this stuff about religion and how it was told as of it was facts.


  17. alinton2 says:

    Not only do ads affect people’s views but people can also. Imagine living where you can’t share your opinions without fearing the consequence. Ads give off perception of what they want to be perceived. If they want the candidate to be perceived as horrible than the ad will provide that to the voters, in Persepolis although Marji tries to have her own opinions and ideas she is not allowed to and she is taught about religion in school which in a way has the same result as the ads, both feed out what they want and not tell the whole story for a specific outcome.


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