The Power of Visuals

Think about your day.  How much time do you spend interacting with written text or words?  How much of your time is spent interacting with visuals?  We are constantly bombarded with images on daily basis and at times they can say so much more than words.  Why are some images more powerful than words?

Review the image below.  What is one word to describe what you see here?

View the opening to the film Argo before tomorrow’s class.  Think about how the director uses audio and images to craft the beginning of the film.  Why are both elements necessary here?  What do you learn about Iran from this clip?

Read the following review of Persepolis from to get a little background before we begin the text tomorrow:  Amazon Review of Persepolis 


9 thoughts on “The Power of Visuals

  1. lcaballerogabriella says:

    I guess a picture is more powerful than words because it sets up the actual image of what is really going, A picture is also easier to connect through because some time people misinterpret what some one is trying to say if they don’t elaborate on it. But an image can explain a lot more, especially like the image above with the people burning down an American flag. Here in america that’s illegal, but it shows how angry those people are. The picture could also interpret all the chaos that Iran at this point in history is having. Which is not new to the Iran we know today, because they still continue to hate America even though we try and help them out so much throughout all these years.


  2. marinaluddy says:

    Every day I am exposed to pictures online, in school and at home. I also am exposed to words like texts and what people say to me. The reason why images are worth more than words is because you can find a thousand meanings in one photo than words. Let’s say a girl were to draw a picture of her mom and dad arguing. She also draws herself on the side, crying. Your brain stimulates so much thoughts at once. You ask “what happened? Is the little girl okay? Is that her parents? I feel bad.” To me, that opens up the mind to think about how you feel and take what you know from the picture to believe whether it’s true or not. If the girl were to write in a diary, the words probably won’t mean as much. Like a sentence, “my parents are fighting and I am sad” probably draws no emotion from you. Unless they were to be amazing at describing the event. But I do believe there’s times words can mean more than a picture. So it’s really a matter of opinion, what’s yours?


  3. rgranillo1 says:

    Most of my day I spend time interacting with text and words rather than interacting with visuals. Images are more powerful than words because they show you what it looks like rather than it being explained in words and it also shows the background and the reactions that gives me a better visual than words. The one word that describes this image is hate because of the sign in the background that says america is a great satan and the burning of the flag that shows hate towards america


  4. nlam1 says:

    A picture can be more powerful than just written text. A picture can show many more things and mean many more things. It can affect your emotions when you see something that grabs your attention. An image can show an event or what’s happening which can help you better understand the situations. The picture of the American flag being burned shows chaos and angry people. The picture shows the hate Iran has for America by have a “America is the great Satan” sign. You can see people’s emotions and an actual image of the whole situation, unlike reading from text.


  5. acohen01 says:

    The director of Argo, Ben Affleck, uses images to describe how the situation of Iran has gotten worse over the years. It seems that Iran is not a very stable government. This is because all the US and the British had to intervene with Iran, just to control the oil supply. I think this was very stupid because either way the US and Britain would get oil. Then, the new Shah was a horrible person, and caused more problems for the US and Britain. Another stupid decision that the US made was to give the Shah asylum. This made the Iranians protest, and the all the stupid decisions that the US created shapes the movie.


  6. kbailey58 says:

    On a daily basis I am on my phone for more than the recommended time, I’m constantly checking Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Every day I look at my screen looking at pictures and videos of friends, celebrities, and strangers. By looking at an image or video it shows more than telling the story which is rare now when everything is digital. So images like the burning flag shows how angry the people were during that time period, even though that’s illegal in America. The reason a pictures and videos are so powerful are they can have different meanings and can be seen through different perspectives, while a text is usually perceived the same way or isn’t thought about on a greater scale.


  7. anasantiz says:

    Pictures can be more powerful than words. On a daily basis most is said with images, with visuals. I feel like what you say can impact you the same way an image can, but when you don’t know how to say it, or describe the situation, pictures tell a story. When people talk tell stories, they sometimes change the way it happens, but with a picture, you actually see what is happening.


  8. walkerethan says:

    Images are more powerful than words in my opinion. Images explain something perfectly while words have to go into detail to get the point across. One word that describes the picture of the American flag burning is hatred. In the background you can see a sign that reads “America is the Great Satan.” These people really hate America and see the country as the worst place on Earth.


  9. krupascott says:

    I feel that sometimes pictures can be as powerful, if more powerful than words. This is because you can really interpret the emotion in someones face more than having those feelings written out. Instead of saying “He was having fun” it could be a picture of that person having fun. Which to me is more relatable and easier to comprehend. I learned that Iran was corrupted when the US put a new shah into power because of oil. In the picture you could also see how all the Iranian people burning the US flag are all brought together with a similar hatred.


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